training3PPI’s training practice focuses on providing unique learning opportunities that enable extraordinary results.  Many options exist today for business development.  These options include hundreds of firms offering executive and leadership development programs and/or courses.  Most of these programs appear to look alike, address similar topics, provide similar experiences and, ultimately, produce similar results. We offer programs with a difference.  Our programs focus on discrete skill sets that are not typically addressed sufficiently or at all in other programs.  Our programs are designed to address the challenges of today’s business world, and include such topics as:

  • Resilience in meeting the challenges of continuous change
  • Resourcefulness in overcoming constraints
  • Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities
  • Analyzing complex issues and arriving at actionable conclusions
  • Rational approaches to problem solving and decision making
  • Moving from strategy through tactics to execution
  • Creating initiative and proactivity around change efforts
  • Creating order out of the chaos of an executive’s typical day

These programs are customizable to incorporate relevant language, case studies, processes, etc.

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We also offer a unique, accelerated action learning development approach that ensures that skill development is relevant and targeted to the specific needs of the job.  This approach clarifies what it means to be successful and trains individuals to achieve those specific requirements.

All learning activities are competency based and require the performance of assignments that are both relevant and critical to the successful performance of the job.  Therefore, all learning activities are customized to the specific organization.  Learning activities can be conducted in a group setting or modified to be accomplished individually.  The benefits of this approach are:

  • Increase awareness and enable individuals to identify personal development challenges
  • Develop self-confidence and readiness to take responsibility and initiative
  • Help people relate to, communicate with, and network more effectively with others
  • Provide structured peer support
  • Enable more disciplined ways of working in powerful teams
  • Enable individuals and teams to learn while working
  • Build leadership competencies
  • Develop systems thinking, creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving skills
  • Foster the emergence of corporate cultures that can handle change and that learn
  • Support innovation

Our training is competency based and enriches prior experience.  We continually focus on accelerating learning in an action-oriented way to provide executives and management with the ability to generate extraordinary results.

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