Examples of industries served by PEAK Performance International include:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Non-profit
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Brokerage
  • Web/Graphic Design



  • Amerisure Insurance
  • Agree Realty Corporation
  • BBYO
  • Benzinga
  • Beyond Gaming, LLC / GamerSaloon
  • BoostUP
  • Charter Communications (Spectrum)
  • Clark Hill PLC
  • Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel Real Estate
  • Custom Accent Solutions
  • Droste Group
  • Duane Morris LLP
  • Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC
  • General Motors Company
  • Gentherm Incorporated
  • Goren & Associates
  • Henry Ford College
  • Hillel Day School
  • Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
  • jbrooksdesign, inc.
  • John Adams Mortgage
  • Kyyba, Inc.
  • Lakritz Law
  • Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, P.C.
  • Marketing Associates
  • MassMutual Southeast Michigan
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
  • Michigan First Mortgage
  • MiHIN (Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services)
  • Milford Police Department
  • Moishe House
  • NEXTGen Detroit
  • Petersen Law PLLC
  • Pet Supplies Plus /U.S.A., Inc.
  • RPM Freight Systems
  • Sachse Construction
  • Strategic Wealth Partners
  • StyleShack LLC
  • Tamarack Camps
  • T.A. Systems, Inc.
  • Telemus Capital, LLC
  • Temple Israel
  • The Citrin Group, LLC
  • The JRT Agency
  • the telos institute
  • UBS Financial Services Inc.
  • UHY Advisors
  • ViVa Beverages, LLC
  • Wallside Windows
  • Wells Fargo Advisors


“I have truly enjoyed working with Marty. He is an exceptional coach and I highly recommend him to others. His work has been transformational for me and my firm. Transformational!”     (Jon Citrin)

“I had never had any exposure to coaching and I didn’t even know what it was prior to meeting Marty. I was also very skeptical of its benefits at first. But having worked with Marty for over four months (and still working with him), I can honestly say my world has been opened up and I’m finding time, skills, habits & goals I was either unaware of or had lost touch with. Marty is patient, trustworthy and carries himself with utmost integrity and morality. I cannot imagine a better coach than someone with Marty’s personality and extreme intellect. Coaching has surpassed my expectations and the process is something I strongly believe in….now. It took a while for me to buy into it, but having moved into the phase where results are starting to show, my only regret is not having done this sooner.”     (Geoff Linden)

“Since Marty began working with me as a business coach he has helped me to re-focus my marketing efforts and gotten me excited again about future business opportunities and setting goals. My energy level for facing new challenges is off the charts. I only wish I had started working with Marty sooner.”     (Gary Remer)

“Marty has been an excellent resource; he coaxes solutions and plans and goals out of me and then pushes me to achieve them.  He is helping me to become the lawyer I want to be.”     (Attorney)

“It has been incredibly helpful to me so far. I have been able to clearly identify not only a plan of action for myself, but to truly identify what my goals are within the firm. I feel that the entire process has been energizing and motivating! The frequency of meetings keeps me focused and on task.”     (Attorney)

“I’ve been working with Marty for several weeks, and his advice as a business coach has proven insightful, relevant, and productive. I especially appreciate the extent to which he ties his work to measurable outcomes, so we can mark progress in a tangible way. I heartily recommend Marty as a business coach, whether you’re looking for assistance in management or marketing.”     (Brian Nettleingham)

“While working with Marty as my business coach, he has enabled me to clearly define my career goals, set achievable benchmarks, identify my strengths and weaknesses, and take on new endeavors and behaviors which challenge me. I have made great strides that I would not have otherwise been able to make if I were not working with Marty.”     (Rebecca Turner)

“Marty is a wonderful and trusted part of my career development– he combines insight with a dogged determination to help. Marty cares and he uses that care to fuel his creativity and implement his expertise. Marty has become a vitally important adviser.”     (John Gonway)

“Coaching with Marty Maddin changed my life.  He challenged me to reach for my unrealized potential and dreams.  I always felt confident that he had the expertise, education, experience and empathy to guide me—but I had to do the hands on work.  I highly recommend Marty Maddin.  It was worth every cent and more.”     (Sydney Skully)

“Marty has provided our organization weekly coaching sessions with great energy and insight. Marty does an excellent job helping our organization rediscover ourselves as individuals and as a team. He has shaped thought provoking discussions that lead to better communication, more powerful relationships, and a higher level of business performance. Every team needs a coach, and Marty has been instrumental in providing our organization with a winning mentality.”     (Troy Miller)

“Marty’s coaching sessions have been extremely valuable. He demonstrated a high degree of insight and his style is open and inviting to questions, which can lead to many discoveries and insights about better business performance. Marty is also extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him to other organizations.”     (Sonia Scappaticci)

“Marty’s skills as a coach at both the individual and group level have made a tangible and positive contribution to our leadership team. I have been most impressed by his disciplined and goal oriented approach to coaching. And, most importantly, his alignment with our company’s overall strategy and objectives. He delivers value in a role that is often very difficult to measure.”     (Mark Petroff, President/CEO – Marketing Associates LLC)

“Marty is awesome to work with….He is helping me develop personal and business priorities for the rest of my working career and an actionable plan to get there….He makes it fun and brings in specific research tools when necessary…I have never had a life coach before but it is one of the best things I have ever done and Marty is the reason!”     (Ed Peper, General Sales Manager – Cadillac)

“The success of my business depends on my ability to create and deliver value to others.  To be the calm in the center of the storm.  25 years of later, I have met someone who has delivered more value to me than I could have ever imagined.  Marty has a unique gift; an insight he willingly shares through life experience, intellect and wit.  I am appreciative of his time and talent, and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in continuous improvement, or true leadership in today’s challenging business environment.  Simply put,  Marty will invite you to be challenged in a way you cannot outgrow.  If you have the courage to accept the invitation, you will never look back.”     (Barbara Gill, General Agent – MassMutual Financial Group)

“Marty’s ability to help in identifying actionable goals and objectives along with defining how they fit within a broader plan provides a basis for real achievement. His stepped process allows for insights to take form and evolve as they become more detailed/defined. Whether a situation calls for altering or revising the coaching process or following the agreed upon approach, the key element is getting on the most effective and beneficial path and keep moving it forward.”     (Scott Bragg , Vice President, Client Services – Marketing Associates)

“I have worked with Marty and have found that the time we have spent together has been of value to my business planning activities as well as for myself personally. His open and candid style promotes open communication on a range of topics. It is with this in mind that I recommend Marty.”     (Tim Gale, President at T.A. Systems)

“Marty did a great job working with me to identify a niche market on which I could focus my business development activities. He had interesting, unconventional ideas for the market and how to break into the market.”     (Tara Mahoney)

“I hired Marty to work with my Executive team on a few projects – including personality testing and individual Executive Coaching. The services we received were a great value to our organization and the impact he made with our executives was tangible! I would hire him again for any of my coaching needs.”     (Stephanie Lovinger Roseman, J.D.)

“Working with Marty has enabled me to develop and implement creative approaches to my marketing and business development activities but, more importantly, Marty has helped me to gain a better understanding how I want my career to develop. I would recommend him to any person or company that is serious about improving leadership and business development strategies in a thoughtful, innovative and systematic way.”     (Joseph Sgroi)

“I highly recommend Marty to any professional that is serious about improving his or her client development skills. He provides insightful input and strategies that build on your individual strengths and result in tangible results. I actively employ the techniques I learned from Marty on an almost daily basis and, without question, they have enabled me to expand my legal practice.”     (Rick Gibson, Partner at Lape Mansfield Nakasian Gibson, LLC)

“Marty was very personable and creative in his approach to business development coaching.  I appreciated the way he tailored his advice to your individual strengths and comfort level.  I would like to work with him again and recommend him for anyone who is skeptical about career coaching.”     (Khalilah Spencer, Esq.)

“Marty’s enthusiasm and warm personality led me to consider hiring him as an executive coach to work with our attorneys on business development. As we spoke, his expertise and the substance of his program became apparent. The attorneys value his individual attention, his creativity and the results he helps them generate. I plan to continue to work with Marty to give our attorneys the benefit of his approach and wisdom.”     (Julie K. Norris – Director of Attorney Development & Recruitment – Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP)

“Marty Maddin has a gift when it comes to executive coaching. He can challenge you to answer the really hard questions, yet inspire you to see past whatever might be holding you back. I highly recommend his services for anyone (man or woman) looking to take their business to the next level, and/or break through any professional plateaus.”     (Courtney Thompson, Attorney & Compliance Professional)

“Marty is an outstanding executive coach – as a former attorney himself, he is uniquely familiar with the particular challenges and stresses that lawyers and other busy professionals encounter on a day-to-day basis. He is particularly skilled at identifying and building upon personal strengths, rather than dwelling on weaknesses. He employs creative strategies to identify specific goals to help his clients move towards a more fulfilling career path. He is confidential, supportive, and high energy. I highly recommend Marty for one-on-one personal coaching sessions or group coaching with others within an organization.”      (Emily Tait – Partner – Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP)

“Marty is a thoughtful, energetic, and charismatic coach who challenged me to drill down on my interests and skill set and re-orient and sharpen my strategy for business development. I would work with him again in an instant.”     (Jeffrey Lamb – Partner – Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP)

“Marty has been my coach for several years. He has helped me figure out what is most important to me at work and in life. Work is still stressful and I am working harder than ever to succeed and produce but I have never felt closer to my family and friends than I do now. Marty challenges me to be a better businessman but he also pushes me to be the best husband and Father I can be. He is amazing and so positive.”     (Ed Peper, S VP–Fleet and Commercial Sales, General Motors)

“Marty Maddin, for those who do not know him, is not just an exceptional person, but an equally talented coach. Marty is transformation to anyone he works with — I know from experience. Years ago, working together, Marty not only helped me logistically navigate difficult business decisions, but changed my life on a walk during one of our sessions. “Embrace your greatness” he tells me, and I woke-up. Sometimes being an exceptional consultant means digging into the nuts and bolts with your client, and sometimes it means helping your client find themselves when business and personal lines are blurred. Marty is multi-talented and uniquely positioned to give leadership in both arenas.”     (Jonathan Citrin, Founder & Executive Chairman – The Citrin Group, LLC)

“I highly recommend Marty to any professional that is serious about improving his or her leadership skills. He provides insightful input and strategies that build on your individual strengths rather than trying to take weaknesses which, for an older leader such as myself, are really hard to change.   I actively employ the techniques I learned from Marty on a daily basis and, without question, they have enabled me to expand my effectiveness as a leader in my organization.”     (Thomas Miller, Western Zone Manager – Seco Tools Inc.)

“Working with Marty has brought me leaps and bounds ahead in my business development. He asks questions that allow me to make major shifts in my thinking and in my “doing.” Most importantly, Marty challenges me to examine my assumptions about my limitations. He has helped me build my confidence and move forward!”     (Denise Dennis, President/Senior Coach at Prepared Mind Coaching, LLC)

“Marty has been a tremendous help to the development of my law practice. He offers fresh ideas and solutions to my problems and helps me focus on my goals. I would highly recommend Marty.”     (Lavinia Biasell, Attorney & Shareholder at Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller, P.C.)

“Marty “gets it” when it comes to business development coaching. He was able to tailor his program to emphasize my strengths, while also encouraging me to expand beyond my comfort zone in a way that made certain strategies far more comfortable (and effective) than I expected. I would highly recommend Marty to anyone looking for this type of coaching.”     (Scott Kitei, Attorney at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP)

“Marty was a very energetic, thoughtful, and innovative teacher in his approach to helping me learn about business development. He taught me different business development strategies that I never thought about before, but will now use in the future. More importantly, he assisted me in focusing on my career goals and gave me concrete steps to achieve them. I would work with him again and would highly recommend him as a business development and career coach.”     (Chauncey C. Mayfield II, Corporate Attorney at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP)

“I have been working with Marty for about a year and a half and his results are impeccable! I was in a drift and going through the process Marty has in place allowed me to focus on what really mattered (both from a business and family perspective) and with his ability to ask the right questions, actionable ideas to put into place. I highly recommend Marty for any professional who is looking not only to take it to the next level, but to get really clear about their vision for how they want their life to be.”    (Michael Rosner, Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch)

“I have worked with Marty as an executive coach. He has great insights into what is needed for me to advance my career, and gives the necessary support to make that happen. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking to grow their business.”     (Robert D. Kaplow, Attorney & Shareholder at Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, P.C.)

“It is difficult to put into words or to quantify the value that Marty has delivered to my life and business. He is honest, authentic, and delivers a real plan that is 100% tailored to real life situations. Marty is a great guy that I recommend 110%. He has been a huge contributor to my success.”     (Kevin Baker, Principal & Co-Founder at Landmark Investment Sales)

“I recently had the privilege of having Marty coach DISC training for my sales team. The training taught the team the benefits of understanding our own personalities and what makes us “tick” and we learned the advantage of picking up on and learning the keys of what makes others “tick” which is essential for sales and life. Marty has the products and knowledge to help in any field with what he does. He is truly a professional in every way!”      (Joseph Bigelman, Branch Manager at John Adams Mortgage)

“Marty is one you can trust and who is unconditionally committed to your personal and professional success.”     (Daniel Kukes, Principal & Co-Founder at Landmark Investment Sales)

“I had the opportunity to work with Marty as my leadership coach as a part of the Leadership Academy sessions at Amerisure Insurance. Marty provided thoughtful insight but more importantly would challenge me to look at situations from many different angles. Marty was easy to speak with and would let the conversation flow in any direction that provided the greatest benefit, value and flexibility in our sessions. Being this was my first ever experience with a leadership coach, I enjoyed opportunity to work with Marty.”      (Aaron M. Szabo, Core Service Center Manager at Amerisure Insurance – Field Marketing & Underwriting Department)

“I had the pleasure of working with Marty through my firm’s business development program. Even though it was a short program, I gained some invaluable tools to help me develop and maintain my client base and to manage my time more effectively. Marty had very insightful advice which was delivered in a very laid-back, relatable way. Highly recommend (and thanks Marty…I hope we work together again soon)!”     (Lori Rooney, Member at Clark Hill PLC)

“Marty’s Advanced Business Development training has been invaluable in letting me be more targeted and strategic in developing business with both existing and new clients—in short, getting more business in less time and actually enjoying doing it. Marty, correctly, takes the long-game approach, emphasizing that business development is about building trusted relationships, not asking strangers for business. He also brings a unique focus on both your personality and that of your clients, so that you can play to your own strengths and best meet the client’s needs.”    (John Schomberg, Senior Counsel at Clark Hill PLC (former General Counsel to the Illinois Governor)

“During the short time that I have worked with Marty, I have seen my business grow by nearly 45%! With each interaction, Marty conforms his approach to your style, and pushes you to do that little bit more to achieve your goals. The most amazing part of the experience is that I have actually “found” more time after implementing even just a few of Marty’s strategies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, if you want to learn more about my experience. ([email protected])”     (Jordan S. Bolton, Equity Partner (Litigation) – Helping Clients Advance Business Objectives In and Out of the Courtroom)

“Marty is an unparalleled coach for executives (or anyone for that matter) at any business, large or small. Marty has been an invaluable sounding board as I have transitioned from practicing law into my current role at Wallside Windows and has helped me lay a strategic plan for the future while focusing on making our organization more exceptional for our employees and customers. Marty has helped me personally navigate thorny issues while providing overall advice to help our business grow!”    (Adam Blanck, Chief of Staff, Wallside Windows)

“Marty Maddin has a genuine character in addition to his effective strategies. He hit all the right points in training our team on client development. He also followed up to ensure we had a strong grasp of the materials and an understanding on how to implement his coaching into our development efforts. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Marty and I strongly believe any organization is lucky to have him!”      (Serene Zeni, Healthcare Attorney at Dickinson Wright PLLC)

“Marty is an excellent leadership coach! The best thing about working with him is that he guides you to make the right decision, rather than just telling you what to do. Given his vast experience, he can walk you through any challenge. Our coaching sessions flew by due to the great conversations. I highly recommend working with Marty if you’re looking to sharpen your leadership skills!”      (Jimmy Glahn, CSC Manager at Amerisure Insurance)

“Working with Marty Maddin has been extremely beneficial for my professional growth and business. He has a unique and effective approach, and most importantly was able to create a coaching program specific to my needs. In addition to executive leadership training, he has helped with time management, prioritizing patterns and other important areas imperative to running a successful business. I highly recommend working with him if you are looking for a dynamic executive coach!”    (Rachel Prinstein Schostak, Styleshack LLC)

Marty provides and valuable experience and learning thru his executive coach seminars. Marty’s program is more than team building. He provides the tools to enhance the productivity, communication, and trust among our team members. If you are looking for a more productive and effective work environment to accomplish your corporate goals then I highly recommend Marty and his Peak Performance program as a must do.     (Kevin McAvoy, SVP Account Director, GM Fleet and Commercial at Jack Morton Worldwide)

I can’t speak highly enough about Marty Maddin. He is phenomenal, and simply THE BEST at helping people and groups excel. Marty recently put on a fascinating and important workshop for the board of an organization I’m part of (NEXTGen Detroit)! We gained valuable insight into ourselves, learned about the strengths and weaknesses of different personality types, and perhaps most importantly, obtained strategies to work more effectively together. For some time I’ve been a big fan of the informational and motivational articles and posts that Marty puts on LinkedIn, and it was a pleasure finally seeing his terrific work live. I highly recommend Marty to anyone reading this, and know you and/or your organization will be better off by gaining the benefit of his skills and experience.     (Jonathan H. Schwartz, Attorney at Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC)

Marty is an excellent facilitator, filled with insight and energy.  The DiSC workshop he led was incredibly helpful in better understanding how I myself operate, and I immediately shared the information gleaned with my team, confident that it will enhance our working relationships.     (Daniel S. Horwitz, Founding Director and Rabbi at The Well)

Marty led a fantastic session focused on the DISC assessment for our organization’s young adult board. He worked closely with us to identify the appropriate goals and develop the program to meet our needs. Marty is flexible, focused and extremely knowledgeable. We plan to continue our work with Marty!     (Megan Topper, Associate Director, Philanthropic Advancement & NEXTGen Detroit)

Marty facilitated a DiSC assessment for the NEXTGen Detroit board members and it was wonderful. He made the process enjoyable and a bonding experience for our members and we can’t wait to utilize our results in the future.     (Alyssa Gorenberg, NEXTGen Detroit Associate)

If you wish to better yourself, your business, your employees, and pretty much any relationship you have in life (or will eventually have in life)- you need to connect with Marty Maddin. His DiSC program alone will not only improve any sort of work environment, but will also provide self-improvement in essentially all aspects of life. Every successful business is always striving to grow and become better. With Marty, his patience, experience, and versatility with all types and sizes of business, in your corner- you will see immediate and impactful improvement in every bottom line! I cannot recommend him enough!!!     (Scott Mitnick, Attorney at Liss & Shapero)

In the past two years I’ve written my first book (covered by Fast Company, Bloomberg and others), earned major speaking engagements, and improved the profitability of my business by double digits – all thanks in large part to Marty’s guidance and advice. I’ll be honest – I was skeptical about hiring an executive coach at first. My business was already successful, and I was happy with my life. But within 2 minutes of meeting Marty, I knew that this guy loves helping other people succeed. His passion is infectious. He’s not just a cheerleader – Marty forces you to make intentional decisions about where you are and where you want to be, then tells you exactly how to get there. You have to be ready to have an open mind and put in the work. But if you do that, you will succeed. If you have a chance to hire him, do it now. If not, you’re just going to look back in a year and wonder where you could have been. My investment in Marty has come back to me tenfold, which is only one of the many reasons why I’m happy to recommend him to people who are ready to take the next step.     (Mike Gluck, Copy Writer/Co-Author of Everydata)

Marty’s sessions with our lawyers was outstanding. He did a real nice job blending business development and sales principles together to make our lawyers feel confident when they are in a future or current client situation. Marty’s energy and passion was contagious which made the sessions fruitful.     (Don Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Clark Hill PLC)

I have worked with Marty for nearly one year and he has made an immediate connection with our team! Marty condensed several days of work into two days and left us wanting more upon completion. Marty has keen instincts as it relates to when to push us and when to nurture us to keep our momentum during each session or exercise. Training sessions with Marty have quickly become the highlight of our time at HQ.     (George Gulliver, Director, South Central GM Commercial Fleet)

Marty did a terrific job in taking our group through the DISC program and facilitating the discussion.     (John Konkel, Director of Connected Customer Experience at General Motors)

Marty recently conducted a workshop for our top sales team. We all found it greatly beneficial. Marty’s format allowed us to gain insight into our professional selves and also how we can more effectively interact with others on the team. I highly recommend Marty to any organization or professional who is striving to take their business to the next level. Thanks Marty!     (David Ross, Vice President Mortgage Sales at John Adams Mortgage)

Marty recently ran a DISC workshop for the Advisor and Analyst team at Telemus. It was a great success for all of us involved. We identified our own DISC styles and more importantly learned how to identify other styles and the best ways to connect with prospects and clients. The workshop was fun, interactive and effective. Marty has a great grasp on all of the content and guides you through the process to maximize your potential. A week after the workshop, all of us in the office are identifying who has what DISC trait and have adopted it as part of our everyday work. I highly recommend Marty and the DISC workshop to connect with clients/customers on another level.     (Josh Levine, Partner – Senior Financial Life Advisor at Telemus)

Marty is passionate about coaching and his enthusiasm is contagious. Marty was great to work with and offered different points of view for me to consider.     (Bryan Pickett, Director of Operations at The J.M. Smucker Company)

Our management made the brilliant decision to bring Marty in and enrich several members of our sales team. Initially, we started with department wide sessions that prompted us to evaluate our goals and get our critical thinking in gear. From there, I began meeting with Marty privately on a bi-weekly basis. Our sessions together are engaging, customized and extremely beneficial. Since meeting with Marty I’ve been able to grow as a salesman and as an individual. He has an ornate ability to uncover root causes of issues/thought processes and drill down from there. If you’re looking to be inspired and take charge of your career/life, you need to be meeting with Marty.     (Steve Cornillie, Senior Logistics Executive at RPM Freight Systems / RPM Vehicle Systems)

I partnered with Marty on a DISC leadership development training at two different companies. Not only is Marty’s energy and passion contagious, but his ability to quickly learn and understand the needs of different organizations and industries is impressive. After the initial sessions, Marty provided recommendations on how to keep the knowledge learned alive. His sessions gave us a common language and everyone gained a greater sense of self-awareness and an understanding of how to adapt to different styles. I would highly recommend Marty for any organization looking to develop their leadership.     (Johannah Schiffer, Human Resources Director, Telemus)

I have worked with Marty since January of 2017. Marty has a highly valuable ability to combine creative business development approaches with practical action plans. On this front, Marty has made a number of recommendations that I have directly implemented into my business development with tangible results. Marty is also good at follow-up and follow-through to make sure there is value added after a consulting session.  I will continue to use his helpful and valuable business development services.     (R.J. Cronkhite, Litigation Associate, Complex & General Litigation Group at Maddin, Hauser, Roth & Heller, P.C.)

As someone who feels like there is never any time in my day, I appreciate how Marty is extremely efficient at getting the most out of every interaction and getting me focused on the tools I can use to benefit myself. Personable, professional, and very effective.     (Tucker Maroney, Vice President, Business & Roadmap Planning at Charter Communications)

I met Marty Maddin in 2017 as part of a Leadership Program he led at Charter Communications. The program extended over several months and offered a framework for improving one’s approach to leadership. Marty possesses a high degree of skill in this area and he earned the respect of all the participants, many of whom have many more years of experience in the corporate world than he does.  I’d recommend working with Marty on leadership and other areas of professional development.   (Chris Hill, GVP – Business Development at Charter Communications)

Marty is a pleasure to work with. He truly became a partner in my professional growth and has become a trusted advisor. He does a great job balancing the hard work that comes along with personal development with positive reinforcement. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for career growth guidance.     (Joshua Diskin, Business Development at Detroit Labs)

Marty has proven to be a strategic asset to me and our organization. Marty provides the tools for us to quickly learn new valuable concepts while also creating the space for us to think about and prioritize our goals. After working closely with Marty, the leaders in our organization are now more self-aware, confident, purposeful, balanced, and tighter as a group. I highly recommend Marty if you want to become a better leader and human being.     (Rich DiGeronimo, EVP, Product & Strategy at Charter Communications)

Marty is a leadership muse. His positive messaging and coaching are an inspiration to any leader, regardless of style. He’s an undying source of energy for those seeking to manage their careers and lives with intention. Thank you, Marty!     (Bryan Hagedon, Sr. Director of Wireless Innovation at Spectrum)

Marty’s business, Peak Performance, is aptly named. He is wonderfully skilled in helping busy, often skeptical, professionals open their minds to find ways to achieve their professional goals. He has been a catalyst for our improved client communications, and the growth of our business. We have used Marty for individual, group, and firm-wide training, all with great success.     (Mike Sanders, President, and Chair of the Executive Committee, Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC)

I strongly recommend Marty to anybody considering leadership development and coaching opportunities. I was fortunate to be part of a group of cable executives that participated in a multi-phase, year-long, leadership development program led by Marty. His leadership, flexibility and patience were all on display but most importantly, his authenticity. It was apparent that he cared about each of us as we undertook our individual journeys, I suspect he could turn even the most cynical executive into a believer. In addition to Marty’s personal leadership and facilitating traits, he brings a tremendous tool set in terms of various assessments and activities. Can’t recommend him strongly enough.     (Tom Chiang, Vice President, Video Products at Charter Communications)

Marty, I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated the workshop and your efforts last week. We tend to focus only on our daily operations. Taking the time to step back and look at how we interact and can improve that will help us move to the next level. Our discussion on how teams operate and your example with firefighters really hit home and opened my eyes to how can operate better using each others strengths to move the needle vs. relying only on myself. Have implemented some changes and seeing results already. I look forward to our next session and opportunity to grow our leadership team. Thank you.     (Patrick Wellinski, Fleet and Commercial Production and Forecast Manager at General Motors)

I was lucky to be selected for a leadership program at Charter, in which Marty Maddin was the program facilitator and coach. Marty’s commitment to helping professionals grow and thrive was apparent from day one. His program carried a refreshing balance of strategies for both professional development and personal fulfillment. I was impressed with his ability to challenge our group with thought-provoking questions, creative tasks, and effective team building. Also, the program was executed in a way that maximized learning opportunities with both peers and bosses alike, which aided in the effectiveness of the lessons. I have applied what I have learned from Marty, and I am so grateful for the benefits I have received as a result. Marty is truly excellent at what he does, and I’m confident any organization would find value in his approach to learning and development.     (Holly A. Hinze Senior Director, Product Management at Charter Communications)

Marty just facilitated a Board Development workshop for our school. Marty was not only well prepared, he kept the workshop moving, interesting, engaging, and yes, fun!

Most importantly, the Board members and staff found the process informative and worthwhile. We are already using what Marty taught us in our work.

I highly recommend Marty for your business or organization if you are looking to enhance everyone’s ability in your organization to work more effectively with others.     (Steve Freedman, Head of School at Hillel Day School)

Having the opportunity to work with Marty is being given the dual gifts of professional and personal growth. In a fun and enlightening way, Marty takes you through the process of self-understanding, in order to give you effective methods of engaging with other people. I highly recommend working with Marty to further your own growth and help you work more successfully with those around you. You will be transformed in a short period of time and have fun in the process!     (Jennifer Lerner Friedman, Psychologist at Hillel Day School)

Marty was an amazing coach to work with and I highly recommend using him for both one on one and group work. I was looking for a coach to help me grow and push myself, and to really “get real” with my challenging areas. Marty is able to listen and hear your story and then give both feedback and the tools to use to improve yourself.

He was my coach for only six months, but the lessons I learned and the muscle I built in my personal areas of struggle are forever engrained in me. And I am able to be a better leader and manager of my organization because of my time working with Marty.

I also used him for group work with my staff team and volunteers, and everyone found the workshop to be extremely beneficial for both their personal growth and for our group dynamics.

If you are looking for a coach, Marty is the very best!     (Rachel Grey Ellis, Senior Regional Director at BBYO)

Marty recently took our entire firm of 30+ people through a DiSC Workplace Workshop. Everyone loved the experience! We learned a lot about each other and ourselves, and importantly, we learned how to work together more effectively. Marty’s enthusiasm for the process was contagious, and he was able to quickly get even the skeptics on board. His command of the material was excellent and he has an easygoing and engaging style that made the workshop even more effective. Our time together flew by, we had a ton of fun, and everyone was talking about the workshop for days afterwards.
(Neal Price, Principal at Strategic Wealth Partners)

I have worked with Marty for 3 years now. Though 42 years old I’m new to sales as I began my sales rep journey at 38 years old. With Marty’s support and straight forward person-centered approach I have tripled my business year over year.

I live a life of abundance now. Try is not in my vocabulary, I DO! I’m successful because of who I am! I recommend Marty and his professional coaching to all.    (Aaron Samouelian, RPM Freight Systems)

Marty is a true professional and is very passionate about his work. His passion comes through in his presentation and the results he produces are outstanding. I highly recommend Marty to any individual or Company looking for balance between work, life and results.    (Larry Bsharah, President at John Adams Mortgage)

We have workedwith Marty for a couple years now. Since his engagement, our group hasdrastically improved communication and compatibility. His ongoing supporthas made us a much more cohesive and productive group. Highly recommend an engagementwith him.    (Charlie Lerg, Partner at Restaurants & Real Estate)


You are the best!

1) I wanted to work with a coach because I have a high level of appreciation for coaching through competitive golf. It had been more than 10 years since I had some one on one coaching and I felt like I needed some perspective and guidance.

2) Working with you was insightful, eye opening, positive and impactful

3) My biggest achievement from working with you was learning how to turn vulnerability into an asset

I would recommend your work to anyone looking to move forward and grow. The experience was very valuable and I am grateful!     Chris Coffman (VP of Sales, Corporate Partnerships Sports & Entertainment at Ilitch Holdings, Inc.)

I had the pleasure of working with Marty via a leadership program through my employer. I felt like our time together was very productive.

The two most important things about Marty’s approach are his collaborative nature and his directness in getting to the heart of any issue. It is these qualities that make him a successful coach.

I recommend Marty to anyone looking for neutral third party in order to build or enhance the leadership skills that will keep you moving in the right direction.     Kimberly R. Vaughn (Assistant VP at Amerisure Insurance)

I have been a client of Marty for several years. For over 20 years before that I had a business coach who I owe my career to. Sadly he passed away. I thought my days of having what I call a “business psychiatrist“ were behind me. I reluctantly decided to give Marty a try after about a year. I was a skeptic. After all, I was old enough to be his father. What could he know?

Marty won me over instantly. He is relatable, provides sound, bottom line advice and keeps me on course. His novel ideas are refreshing and very adaptable to my business model. Marty is now my go-to for business coaching and I cannot praise him enough. That said, if any of you try to outbid me and take my regular slot with him, I will find you and come after you with a pitchfork!

You cannot go wrong with Marty Maddin. He is the best and is always upping his game!     Harvey Heller (Lawyer specializing in the resolution of complex professional liability defense and insurance coverage issues)

Having worked with Marty for over half a year now I can already see huge results and a positive change in mind set and how I approach my life and business. On a professional level the work I have done with Marty has pushed me to rethink and change my approach to a lot of things to stay ahead of the curve. He has made me see things from a different perspective and held me accountable to concepts greater than simply numbers.

On a personal level Marty helped me work through a very challenging personal goal that I had been working towards but not able to achieve for over a decade. Having worked with sales coaches before I can assure you this is much deeper and more sustainable.

If you are honest and put in the work and effort the return is far greater.     Christopher DeRosier (Mortgage Loan Officer John Adams Mortgage, Board of Directors affiliate director at Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors)

Marty stands out for his ability to quickly gain trust and immediately connect with his clients on an authentic level. With his positive energy and adaptability, Marty has a unique ability to evaluate team dynamics and effectively coach the team as a whole and each leader as an individual. Working with Marty elevated our team’s performance and outcomes and had a lasting impact on how we see ourselves as leaders and how we work together. For teams seeking to take their performance to a higher level, I recommend engaging Marty to accelerate your success.     Cynthia Carpenter (VP Human Resources and Employee Experience at Charter Communications)

I originally sought coaching because most “pros” recommend it to get to the next level in your business/life. I was glad that I did because Marty takes a holistic approach to it. Everything from personal to spiritual to work and everything in between was evaluated. Thankfully, my business sales results reached a new high while being coached. I believe Marty’s God-given gift is coaching and recommend you give it a try. Thank you, Marty!     Mark Sera (Mortgage Loan Consultant at John Adams Mortgage)

I had my best year in 2019 and it almost killed me! Kidding, but the stress level and work/life balance was so off that I needed to do something to change it. I wanted to continue to increase business but also wanted to be a loving husband, a present Dad, a good friend, and still find time to volunteer.

In September of 2019, I decided to hire Marty as my business and life coach. We looked at my business and life from a bird’s eye view to proactively develop success strategies for all areas of my life. Marty does not know my business, but the way we talk about it and come up with new ideas is amazing. We talk and share ideas and Marty challenges me to think bigger!

My business is currently up 60-70% year to date, but the key is I am doing it with a solid work/life balance, less stress, and a constant focus on implementing new strategies to scale and improve my team and business. Also, my customer service is improved with a net promoter score that is almost perfect in the busiest five months of my career.

Most importantly, I am a better husband, more present father, and am enjoying life even more (even in a pandemic). I am now a better leader to my team, a better and more thoughtful employee, and have a vision of where I want to be and how to do it!     Joseph Bigelman (Branch Manager at John Adams Mortgage)

Working with a professional coach has been a significant contributor to moving forward in my career. In early 2020, I wanted to gain a broader perspective and was looking to supplement the work I was doing with another coach. Marty came highly recommended to me from a colleague and signing on with Marty was one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. Marty brings an approach that has helped me stay even-keeled, keep everything in perspective, and not become overwhelmed with the challenges of the day to day in these extremely challenging times. With Marty’s help, I’ve been able to operate at my best, focus on the critical not the urgent, and maintain a happy and healthy work-life balance. The most amazing thing I have learned about Marty is that he practices what he teaches. He lets his actions working with you speak for him, he leads by example, and that has helped give me the confidence and adaptability that I need to be even more successful. I truly couldn’t be more pleased with the time we’ve worked together.     Keith Maciejewski (VP – Corporate Underwriting at Amerisure Insurance)

Marty’s insights and candor have proved to be highly valuable to me during a very turbulent time in our business. Without fail, Marty challenges me to critically assess my performance as a leader. He consistently pushes me to take tangible steps to improve. Somewhat surprisingly for me, his advice has positively impacted both the performance of our business and my personal life as well. He doesn’t pull punches. He asks the difficult and challenging questions. He forces me to think through issues from multiple perspectives. I find Marty’s advice to be insightful and impactful. I strongly recommend him to those considering engaging an executive coach.     Mark Bealin (Managing Director; Practice Leader Resource Solutions Group at UHY Advisors)

I first met Marty when I was seeking to work with a business coach to help me through the transition from an individual contributor to manager.

Marty came highly recommended from my employer and several peers. After our first initial call, I knew Marty was the real deal. He helped me uncover what I am truly looking for in my career. He provides valuable insights and questions that guide you to new perspectives and how to focus on what is really important. Most of all, I appreciated his holistic approach to leadership development that explores all areas of your life.

And it could not have come at a better time, as I have recently started a family too, and among the rest of the world, working through all these changes during the pandemic of 2020.

Marty has been imperative in providing fresh viewpoints into my new role, but has also helped me find value, joy, and purpose in a variety of areas of my life. I feel much more confident as a leader having worked with Marty. I feel revitalized with the vision of who I want to be and laser-focused on the essential few areas that will lead to success.

I would highly recommend working with Marty if you have recently transitioned roles, simply stuck in a rut, or looking to take the next step in your professional career. Thanks Marty!!   John Calloway (Core Service Center Manager at Amerisure Insurance)

As my career has evolved and I’ve taken on more and more, the typical workday was no longer typical. Each day threw different challenges at me and it was at times overwhelming. I started working with Marty about 6 months ago and his advice, feedback, and just overall thought process has really changed my mentality in an overwhelmingly positive way. He has changed the way that I handle challenges, both at work but also in my personal life. If you are considering a coach, then I would highly recommend connecting with Marty. He’ll change the way you handle your day to day and you’ll be glad you connected with him.    Kendall Clavin (Regional Vice President – Field Marketing & Underwriting at Amerisure Insurance)

Since graduating from Western Michigan and starting my professional career with TEKsystems, I have been presented with countless opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. One of those opportunities was having the privilege to work with Marty Maddin of PEAK Performance International LLC. I decided to work with a life coach because new opportunities mean new challenges to overcome. Working with Marty, it was easy to connect with him personally and professionally and made it easy for me to learn new ways to better myself on a daily basis. I highly recommend working with Marty to better yourself both in and outside of the office. My favorite thing that I’ve learned and the largest adjustment I am currently making, is when faced with adversity, look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to better myself, try new things, and build my confidence.    Nick Bsharah (Technical Staffing Recruiter with TEKSystems)

We all need space during our busy weeks to reflect and Marty provides that space. He is fluent in many different aspects of coaching and I enjoyed working with him.     Ray O’Neill (COO, SkySpecs)

Outstanding life coach!     John Schwegman (Senior Executive, Automotive Product, Marketing, and Sales | Proven Industry Leader)

Working with Marty has been an incredible experience! Not only does he care to help develop me professionally, but personally as well. Marty helps guide and get you thinking of different ways to view a situation and how to handle. With how fast paced life can be it’s truly incredible that he is able to help slow things down and help you dissect them! Marty has not only helped coach me but he has completed workshops in our office that have led to great open dialogue and people being the best versions of themselves. Having Marty come to your office and complete a work shop with your team is a real game changer, I highly recommend every team has Marty conduct a workshop in their office! Marty has also helped us create core values and cultivate an engaging working environment really valuing culture. I highly recommend Marty as he is always sincere and can not only help you individually but with your team as well and truly cares about you as a whole person!     Tanya Line (Real Estate Coordinator at Moschouris Management & Development)

I highly recommend Marty Maddin. Sessions with Marty have provided clarity, direction and confidence! Marty is very intuitive, a good listener and a skilled communicator.     Kenisha Lee (Director of Leasing & Development – Subway Franchisee)

I found Marty through a recommendation by a friend. To say that he was ‘very helpful’ is an extreme understatement. I went to him with a ‘perceived’ problem I was having in my career. Through the next three months we had in-depth conversations with pointed questions and truth-telling exercises which never addressed my career specifically, but only my own personality, my story and my mantra. After three months my eyes have been opened and that “problem” has been redefined and is now an opportunity.

Self-reflection and honest inner dialogue are on the forefront of my morning routine and I rewrite my story continuously. Thank you so much for your guidance and insights Marty!     Charlott Glaab, RA, NCIDQ (Associate | Senior Designer at Neumann/Smith Architecture)

Marty has been my performance coach for the last 12 months and it has been a positive and really productive experience. His ability to help break down issues and frame situations through a positive lens has helped me see things differently and made me a much more efficient leader (no time to waste on things I cannot control). Marty is one of the best at what he does and I highly recommend him to any executive looking to take it to another level.     Shivdeep Singh (Executive Director- Global Product Line at Gentherm)

Marty, with Peak Performance, helped me evaluate and understand my unique style and how to incorporate it into my professional career. In addition, Marty helped me plan career-focused goals and a personal vision, understand my leadership role and develop a professional executive growth strategy. I would recommend Marty if you need professional executive development. Thank you, Marty!     Wendie Collier (Police Lieutenant Officer in Charge, Secondary Employment)