Accelerated Edge Group Coaching Program


Make 2018 the Year You Invest in Yourself!

Are you tired of feeling like you…

  • Barely scratch the surface of what you’re capable of?
  • Waste time and end up stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed?
  • Spend most days just reacting rather than being strategic?   

Are you ready for more TIME, MONEY, and FOCUS in 2018?

Join me and other successful leaders and professionals for the 3-month Accelerated Edge Group Coaching Program, launching online on May 24, 2018.  Webinars will be hosted twice a month with additional support available once a month during virtual “office hours.”    

Get ready to learn how to get back over 200 hours per year of your time, so you can double your energy, focus, and stamina and finally…

  • Create a personal and professional vision so you know who you are, where you want to go, and finally stop feeling lost and like you’re always playing from behind.
  • Create rituals, habits, and systems that put your success on autopilot, so that you can grow your business, advance your career and spend more time with your friends and family.  

Don’t look back in 2019 and regret that you lost another year without taking action.

Grab your spot before the program fills up!

Email me at [email protected] to learn more about the program.

Accelerated Edge Group Coaching Program




Business Development is Relationship Development

Business Development is Relationship Development:

It’s about Them—NOT You!

by Marty Maddin


In a world where everyone is vying for attention and recognition, running around town shouting out why you and your firm are the best can be tempting.  In many cases, you may be the most experienced, sophisticated or accomplished professional in a particular niche.  The problem with the approach is that no one cares!  That may seem a little harsh, but the reality is that people are interested in knowing what’s in it for them.  Put another way, your prospects and clients need to be heard and understood first in order for them to trust you and to recognize that you may have something of value to offer them.


To that end, here are three tips to keep in mind when meeting with people:


  1. Talk less and listen more – When you think of rainmakers, do they tend to do more talking or listening?  It’s a balance, but they lean heavily towards more listening than talking. If you are talking a lot, you have less time to connect with people and listen for their needs.


  1. “Ask” more than you “tell” – Successful rainmakers know that it’s in their best interest to do more asking than telling.  By asking questions you invite people to open up, which is when you can learn more about them and their current opportunities and challenges.  While they’re sharing, you have the opportunity to listen for their needs, which you may be able to help meet.


  1. Listen for opportunities to be helpful – Not surprisingly, the most successful business developers also tend to be the best connectors and “givers.”  They listen for opportunities to make meaningful and beneficial connections to others in their network.  They also listen for opportunities to be a helpful resource, without seeking anything in return.


Remember, business development is relationship development; and relationships are not meant to be one-sided or “efficient.”  The more you make the relationship about “them,” the more success you’ll have in building connections that are value-based and that will lead to long-term, sustainable business growth.