coachingPPI’s coaching philosophy is focused on optimizing leaders performance within the context of their work.  In other words, we are all about maximizing the contributions of the organization’s leaders for the benefit of all within the organization.  As a result, we are driven to maximize our coaching clients’ ability to meet and, if appropriate, exceed the expectations of their organizations.

As Performance Coaches, we focus on enabling extraordinary results through breakthroughs in performance.   We achieve these breakthroughs in insight, capability, and character by employing a comprehensive process that moves clients from their current reality to a desired future in performance outcomes.   The process employs intense developmental activity in a compressed time frame, resulting in rapid progress towards exemplary performance.

Our coaching clients often come from the ranks of those leaders and professionals who have, over time, found it increasingly difficult to meet the challenges of changing times and practices.  Or, our clients may be in the midst of transition.  Whether that transition is associated with a greater responsibility, a new opportunity or involved in an organizational change, we are there to optimize their ability to meet the challenges and achieve success.  Finally, our clients may be high potentials who require rapid development to accelerate their ability to contribute to the organization.

Bottom line, PPI produces model executives with greater insight, capability, and character, thereby enabling extraordinary results for their respective organizations.

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